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Mahama Warns Stinking NDC Vermin to Shut Up

2012-08-01 08:42:48

Thank you President Mahama for listening to us.

You have been given a short 4 month opportunity as president of the country. You should indeed protect your position as you have done by publicly distancing yourself from the stinking NDC vermin who surrounded Atta Mills and sending them a signal that you will not sit back passively like a weakling and allow them to drag you down.

This is a clear warning shot to swine like Anyidoho, Okudzeto-Ablakwa, BAFO, Bean Brain, DAWU, Kokrap, Papa-2, etc.

Listen to the audio... I love what I am hearing from this man!

Ayewoo! Well done!

Nuff Respect, Bajan.

Prez Mahama charges govt communicators to use civil language

From: Ghana l Joy News

Last Updated: August 1, 2012, 12:30 pm

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Audio Attachment: Listen to President Mahama

Prez Mahama charges govt communicators to use civil language

[PHOTO: President John Mahama]

President John Mahama has cautioned government communicators to be civil in their language in responding to public criticisms of their performance since coming into power.

The use of intemperate language by political commentators has come up as a major concern ahead of the December elections with the various parties pointing accusing fingers at each other.

President Mahama counseled government communicators to engage in issue-base discussions.

President Mahama who was addressing the flagbearer of the PPP, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, when he called on him at the Castle said he has already communicated his stance on the matter to the government team.

“Often it is not us the leaders who are the ones who engage in the insults, it is our followers and our supporters and our footsoldiers; one, we must lead by our character, and show the example to them that it is not necessary to descend to that level. But at the same time, leaders we must restrained them in what they do in terms of addressing their opponents.

“I have already called the meeting of our communications group and asked that their communications should reflect the person that I am, and that if there are any personality attacks, they should not respond in kind.”

Meanwhile, the President has urged relatives of his predecessor agitating over where he should be buried to remain calm and allow the committee to put together a befitting burial.

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