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Flag Staff House- Cemetery for presdients! Kuffour

Alhaji Suley Kokrap
2012-08-01 06:54:10

Folks, not that I want to gain anything by it but if you check the archives from last week, I was the first person on SIL and publicly to declare my opposition to Presidefnt Mills being buried at the Flag Staff House. I gave reasons. I even asked folks to join me say No!

Just two days after my posting, a gentleman who lives in Ghana and is an elder called me after having collected my contact from my brother. I will not disclose his name but since he reads SIL, its up to him to confirm or deny.

He told me that the plans to bury presidents and Vice at Flag Staff House was not hatched by the current government but the Kuffour led government. He explained that before the final plans were put in place to build the new presidential palace, Kuffour asked that it miust include a meuseleum for the interment of Presidents. So the plans were amended to include such facility. So right now, there is a place somewhere in the grounds of the Flag Staff House designated place for burying presidents. After a long discussion, I still disagreed with him and thought that that facility should be demolished as i dont think that the seat of government should also be the cemetery of presidents.

Two nights ago, I was having a chat with a lady, who has been very close to the inner circles of the NPP in Ghana and now toying with the idea of CPP. She is also a SILer and I know she will read this post. I will not mention her name. She can also confirm or deny what I am saying.

She confirmed that Kuffour insisted on having that facility at the Flag Staff House. I know Kuffour took pains to renovate the peduase Lodge and Build a New Flag Staff House and also start the renovation of Job 600 and the Presidential retreat at Akosombo, Akuse and Worawora to current morden standards. So I no longer want to doubt that he did ask for that facility.

Whay beats me is that Kuffour himself is on record as having told close friends that he was wants to be buried at Darman in Ashanti when he dies. So why did he want a presidential Museleuom at Flag Staff House or anywhere in Accra?

Also if John Dramani Mahama has decided to put the Flag Staff Houser to good use and for the purposes for which it was built, the can we blame him if he decides that the first sitting president must be buried there at a facility that has already been created by his predeccesors?

My conclusion is that if indeed it is true that the facility has been created by Kuffour and its there, Then I wont object anymore. I still dont think its right and that as Commander In chief of the Ghana Armed Forces who died at post, I think he should have been buried at the Military cemetery with full military honours unless the decision is to bury him in his hometown to creat tourism and honour for his people.

Once there is a funeral committee made up of members of all political paryies, I leave the decison to them Whatever they decide in our name, I will respect.

Thank you.

[This is an authentic posting from Alhaji Suley Kokrap (Registered User)]
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