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2012-08-01 06:49:21

From what I hear yesterday was a memorable day in Kumasi.

I understand the whole empire capital was in black and red. Really??

Was that for the distress of the dead president or was a big thanksgiving orchestration for the early demise of the president?? Or a gargantuan display of hypocrisy??

The majority, especially the NPP supporters have always wished him dead. The president dies and all of a sudden this gross display of sympathy for his departure.

So what is there to believe?? Genuine sorrow or just to say, IT SERVES YOU WELL. I know for sure that the Asantes love their dead and funerals. In fact it is well observed they have a special display of affection and love for the dead but silently despise the living. With the living they tend to be unexplicably deceitful and envious in many cases. But with the dead, whew!!!!, they have a wonderful display of streaming tears which makes one wonder, are they for real??

The Fante also tend to behave likewise except for their penchant for big foods at funerals. That is even catching on in Asante.

I really need the explanation to decipher this peculiar behavior
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