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2003-06-01 19:12:02

Azar finally makes sense. The Asantehene's meddling in state affairs must stop henceforth!! We can't have this sort of anchronistic nonsense as a nuisance in the everyday politics of Ghana. Seperation of traditional authority and state! And he knocks some badly needed sense into HKP'S stubborn cranium!!!!



What we have here are chiefs playing the role of shadow cabinet ministers and politicians, actions that, in the light of our past, were duly anticipated, frowned upon and proscribed by the constitution. In my opinion, the chiefs get standing at the WB and other donor agencies as a result of some back door introduction by the executive. This is highly irregular because it puts the chiefs in the relam of politics, an expressly forbidden activity.

I cannot understand why we have DCEs, DCs and District assemblies and still would want to experiment with traditional authorities. Why not empower and reform the district assemblies to play the role envisioned for them by the constitution rather than this route?

If the government is the borrower, as it should be, I cannot and will never see any wisdom or efficiency in allowing the "many chiefs" to engage in their "many travels" to woo donor agencies when they should be going through their district assemblies and DCEs.

I am all in favor of proper governance but do we need to design a governance structure for traditional authorities? Let the chiefs play their role, whatver that is and let Caesar play his role.


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H. Kwasi Prempeh
06-01 20:25
H. Kwasi Prempeh
06-01 21:10