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Lack of foresight on the part of leaders

2003-06-01 17:09:29

This is my candid opinion on some of the problems confronting Africa. My trip to East Africa has enlightened me on some problems and their possible solutions within the continent, only if our governments and politicians will look within.

The problem is there is no intra-economic (trading) activities within the continent. We all seek non existing markets in Europe and north America. Unfortunately these whites see are goods as inferior and unattractive. They only prefer our raw materials which they can determine the prices for us.

People in East Africa produce lots and lots of tea and Coffee, for example. When you come to West Africa cocoa and its products are in abundance. Unfortunately Ghanaians import lipton tea from Uk and the East African market is flooded with all sorts cocoa products, (chocolates, milo, cocoa drinks etc.) from Europe.

Ironically, both East and West Afrcan leaders look for "non existing" markets in Europe for the products enumerated here. The question then is: why can't we trade amongst ourselves?
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