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Say It Loud


Old Dirty Bastard
2003-06-01 11:45:10

Do we know what it cost Che and Fidel and Patrice and Malcolm and Fanon and Kwame and Jerry and co to become da revolutionaries that we remember to be?


If we want to uplift ourselves and the people around us from the prevailing grinding adverse in the motherland then we need to be prepared to sacrifice everything to achieve that aim. We need to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice: LIFE, for our principles.

I sit here and watch so-called revolutionaries cowered under some promise of TOTO. Because of TOTO revolutionaries can?t come out and defend principles??!!!!!

And we think we can get anywhere with dis fight against the Babylonians ????

As Dread I Dread quoted:


"Soon we find out who is

the real revolutionary

for I don't want my people

To be trick by Mercenaries"


For realZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!!

I don?t want ma people to be tricked by $TOTO !!!!!!!!

Long Live baby akua aka nana akua aka games !!!!!!!!!

~Nii Gbemi~ naana onye (SAW) mi !!

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