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TOR Killing Tema Children...LEAD POISONING.

Prof. Nana Kofi Pete
2003-06-01 10:54:37

There is madness and death in Tema. Tema Oil Refinery is killing the children of Tema with lead poisoning. The amount of lead coming out of the refinery is even producing madness in Tema.

In 1953, the Government of Ghana proposed to acquire land to build a harbor and a industrial town at Tema, eighteen miles east of Accra. The area to be acquired included the existing fishing village of Tema, which was to be moved to a new site nearby. There was strong resistance by the Ga people to the move. The people felt that they would lose the traditional protection of their village site and that they would become landless. They did not know whether the gods of the village could be moved to the new village without supernatural disaster. They could not understand why the government should regard their community as 'unfit' to live in the proposed new town. They objected to their traditional home being used to build a town for 'strangers'. They resented the fact that they had not been consulted on the site chosen for them and the houses designed: they were not "chickens to be driven into already-built "coops" nor "cassava trees" to be uprooted and planted anywhere." Resentment and hostility were increased by internal political rivalries and suspicions among the people themselves, with the chief supporting the move, and many of the youths, market women and fetish priests opposing it. Violent and wild demonstrations were held, and the people swore public oaths to the great god (Awudu) of the village that the move would take place only "over their dead bodies." Many violent acts were committed, including the destruction at night of the prototype houses in the new village, and the government sent tanks and police that occupied Tema for many months. The resistance lasted for six years.

Have any of you been to Ghana lately? Did you try to pump gas from any of the gas stations? Did you find UNLEADED gas to buy? Absolutely ?NO?. All that the refinery in Tema is producing is leaded gasoline to Ghanaians. Scientists have been able to prove that low-level lead exposure resulting from automobile emissions is harmful to human health in general, but especially to the health of children and pregnant women. The lead concealed in the air, food and water devoured undoubtedly had a great deal to do with the outbreak of unprecedented epidemics of saturnine gout and sterility among Tema males and the alarming rate of infertility and stillbirths among Tema women and TOR workers. Still more alarming is the conspicuous pattern of mental incompetence that is synonymous with the children of Tema, and Ghanaian children.

It is easy to sue TOR and the Ghana government as they continue to enjoy monopoly on the production of leaded gasoline. Lead from automobile exhaust is posing a direct threat to public health, and it is time we drag Dr. Nduom to the Fast Track Courts for bringing madness to the Ghana?s children.

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