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tiger shark
2003-06-01 07:17:25

The idea of a National reconcilliation Council as I understand it from the country of origin (south Africa) is to heal the wounds of years of political intollerance .The NRC has only one and only one role to play,that is to reconcille victims of political intollerance with those who inflicted them.To bring to light injustices which occured during the said period.Revellations- which come to light at the sittings of the NRC are not subject to any prosecutions in court neither are they to be used as political weapon etc. In Ghana we have 40 years of different political episodes to resolve.Since independence there has always been some sort of political repression.Despite some of these unlucky episodes ,we may esteem ourselves very lucky never to have fallen into total anarchy as in many countries in Africa.Political intollerance did not start with the PNDC but long before then during the CPP era.I remember very well the preventive detention act.It is therefore wrong to concentrate only on the PNDC period at the NRC sittings. As statistics are not available its difficult to tell the number of people who were victims of the CPP government but believe me there were several.We had the Alliens Compliance act during the Busia government which sent several people who knew Ghana and oly Ghana as their homes to their death. My concern is that our NRC is geting out of the role for which it has been created. News from recent NRC sittings must be of great concern to all us. It is not clear if the NRC is sitting as a court or a forum of collecting evidence for latter prosecutions in court.The concentration on one particular period of our history alone is unfair to the numerous victims of our other governments .The tendecy to single out wrong doings of one particular government is uncalled for and unacceptable. There is the eminent threat and signs that the NRC is gradually turning into a partisan institution which it shouldn`t be and is about to loose all credibility of a an institution created for reconcilliation. Adabuga and co are not heroes and shouldn`t be treated as such. I dont understand why the NRC should treat opportunist as heroes.These people never had the interest of the people at heart when they decided to overthrow an elected government.Their pretence of beign the good guys today should not be rewarded.I am very concerned that the NRC is beign misused as a forum to settle old scores.Some authors are already voicing out how the latest findings at the NRC will hurt the credibility of the NDC. The NRC is not constituted to side with any particular party or person and little of all to find out the wrong doings of our former president.Treating criminals as heroes just to discredit one particular person is wrong. Findings at the NRC should not be available to any law court or individual for prosecution etc.The NRC has only a single role to play,that is reconcilliation and working out our ups and downs of the past 40 years . The NRC will be of very great service to our Nation if they should concentrate on the task they are commissioned to do and on that alone. I hope members of the commision are aware that seeking to create and creation of sensations are not part of their task.The impression created recently that some Criminals are better than others is uncalled for. The NRC should immediately discard this mixed image they have created.
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