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Barima Akrase
2011-07-25 14:19:02

See in this world, if one refuses to use one's mind---as pertains in Africa, especially amongst our leadership, another will do the thinking/raping of your resources for you.

Below, typifies so. Can Cameron the British Prime Minister be blamed. No, afterall, economic development in this world is always akin to a chess game. As place A develops, it always does so at the expense of place B. Mr Cameron is showing that, overall, the economic interest of his country supersedes all other considerations.

ON THE 27TH OF JUNE, 2011, Mr Cameron received this and said this about the Chinese:---

''27 June 2011 Last updated at 15:47

PM signs China deals but urges respect for human rights

Mr Cameron said the aim of the deal was to reach $100bn in bilateral trade by 2015. David Cameron has said China provides a "huge opportunity" for British business as he announced £1.4bn of trade agreements between the two countries.

After meeting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for talks, Mr Cameron hailed what he said was a "deeper dialogue". But he said political and economic progress must go hand in hand as respect for human rights was "the best guarantor" of prosperity and stability.

Mr Wen urged co-operation and dialogue over the issue, not "finger-pointing". During talks in Downing Street, the two leaders signed bilateral trade agreements worth £1.4bn and restated their desire to double the value of two-way trade between the countries by 2015.''


''Cameron warns Africans over the 'Chinese invasion' as they pour billions into continent

By Jason Groves

Last updated at 12:43 AM on 20th July 2011

David Cameron warned African states over China’s ‘authoritarian capitalism’ yesterday, claiming that it is unsustainable in the long term.

In possibly the most critical comments made by a modern British Prime Minister about China’s growing global influence, Mr Cameron admitted the West is increasingly alarmed by Beijing’s leading role in the new ‘scramble for Africa’.

China has poured billions into Africa in recent years – buying up natural resources and infrastructure while asking few questions about some of the unsavoury regimes involved.

On the last day of his tour of Africa, he acknowledged at Nigeria’s Lagos Business School that he was keen to counter the ‘Chinese invasion’ of Africa.

In a major speech on development, he urged Africa to introduce democratic reforms.((Yea, as if democratic reforms, ushers a country into sudden wealth. Ohh , I forgot, obviously democratic reforms so suits western economic interests, doesn't it? N.A))

No doubt, some dumb African minds will take his recommendation on board. Yea, snuff out the Chinese and allow the westerners to make hay in Africa, for themselves and themselves only. CHINA IN MANY WAYS HAS BEEN SUCH A BLESSING FOR AFRICA.

Yes, we ought not to become over-infatuated---managing the relationship to our benefit, milking it for maximum benefit while minimising liabilities(such as the Chinese resettlement plan in Africa)..

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