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Does R. Quarshiga think NDC can win this war?

R. Roberts
2011-07-21 08:07:17

"According to Richard Quashigah the moral uprightness of a presidential candidate is equally as important as the developmental issues the candidate will champion ahead of an election.

Whilst agreeing that the 2012 campaign must be focused on issues, he said: “You cannot [divorce] issues from the character of the one who seeks a particular [office] or to become a leader. Issues and character are intertwined. Mind you at every point in time, people will follow a leader only as far as they can trust his trait or character. .. For instance whether he is credible, whether he is humble, whether he has respect for his fellow men, whether he is committed to ensuring that he lives by his words, that he is honest and not a liar. These things are very important. So yes, let’s talk about issues but you cannot leave out the character of the individual."~~~~~~~~~ Does Richard Quarshigah think NDC can win the war on personalities? Can Ghanaians stand the characters of Atta MIlls and Akufo Ado in secondary school and Legon as students and lecturesr. As for me, I fear oooh.
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