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Why Can't Women Keep Affairs Secret?

2011-07-17 21:12:27

She seduced me when my best friend was arrested and jailed for driving without a licence. I fled to Copenhagen after an all night banging, only to return after her husband's release some two weeks later. I undertook a weekend trip with her husband to Paris, only to return to a chaotic and ransacked apartment. Massa dawta had conned several white and black women to accompany her to my abode.

A Jamaican pretty face lover rang the buzzer and was let in by my Anglo-Jamaican girlfriend. Massa dawta, the kawula-lover then set out to rip my apartment apart and to the disbelief of all the women in attendance ripped off my bed sheets and told my girlfriend how she had banged me mercilessly on that bed to my satisfaction. Of course I denied the allegation after my return. Thanks to Oprah for advising cheating couples to deny regardless of the evidence.

Massa dawta confronted me a month later to confess that she had accidentally told her husband that moi had a massive cock during an argument. She laid the blame on my girlfriend, her paddy, but naive hubby never got the hint.

Another wife of my paddy, also a Massa dawta again seduced me, but became jealous when she learnt of my white gal from Copenhagen visiting moi three days later. She told her husband moi had attempted to rape her. The first paddy whose wifey moi banged while in prison drove to my apartment to accuse me of conduct unbecoming. With nowhere to turn to and my Copenhagen girlfriend asking me to prove her wrong, we drove to the paddy's house condo to demand an answer. By then, the two women of my friends were huddled in the bedroom afraid to come out.

And then came Nana Denkyira, Do, and other women who had banged me secretly while married but failed to keep our relationship under wraps. Meanwhile moi had done my part by refusing to reveal my relationship with the above women, who have more to lose than moi. What is it about me that set women off so, hein?

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