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Is a Fine enough for Negligent Killing?

Kwaku Azar
2011-07-17 10:40:38

Abibu Mohamed, a driver who, through carelessness and inconsiderate driving, knocked down and killed a 10-year-old school boy was on Friday sentenced to a fine of GH¢1,200 by the Asamankese Circuit Court.

He will serve 24 months in prison on failure to pay the fine. Mohammed pleaded guilty to negligently causing harm to Daniel Ayisi, now deceased.

Giving the facts of the case, Police Inspector Peter Azigi, told the court that on April 14, 2010, at about 0730 hours on the Asamankese-Suhum road near Oworam, Mohammed, who was in charge of a Hyundai Grace bus, without due care and attention, knocked down the boy.

Is a Fine enough for Negligent Killing?

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