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Oheneba O.T
2011-07-17 03:48:09

These are the criteria de jour of what constitutes a "literate radio station". If a radio station doesn't do any of these, then it can safely be called "illiterate".

1. The station must play Ewe war chants during the general elections, inciting one section of the population against the other and promise bloodbath should the election results not go a certain way.

2. The station's radio presenters must be verbose, effect fake-assed nondescript accent they presume to be Cockney or the Boston twang and speak like they just got deported from New York after a stint as security guards in the Twin Towers.

3. They must mispronounce Ghanaian names and towns. For instance, they should pronounce Bantama they same way the clueless English prounced it "Ban-ta-ma", instead of "Bantoma"

4. The station must be owned by a Harvard-educated nouveau riche who, after destroying the businesses of self-made men, became fabulously wealthy by arrogating to himself state resources thru the simple political patronage of a dictatorship.

[This is an authentic posting from Oheneba O.T (Registered User)]
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Kwame Boateng
07-17 11:10