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2011-07-14 19:00:44

My client is a very young man in SSS who was sacked by his Foster parents from their house and later accused by the same man and wife as having attempted to rob them with a toy pistol and metal bar.

I elected to represent the young man free of charge after the main prosecution witness -- the husband had given evidence. Today, I cross-examined him and later when the wife had testified and I was about to cross-examine her, I gave pen and paper to my client (the young man) to listen carefully to the woman and write down anything he may want me to comment on or any distortions from the real facts. At this time there were about 8 lawyers at the bar -- 7 of them from the A-G's and made up of Assistant State Attorneys, State Attorneys, and a popular Principal State Attorney. The 8th lawyer was me. I was doing the case with a lady State Attorney.

Then the Principal State Attorney began to heckle me because my client was writing. He claimed since I was representing the accused, he did not have to write while the case was going on. I kept ignoring him until he advised the counsel from his side to object formally to the judge. They did, and I told the court that I was very surprised by their conduct because no law bars accused persons from taking notes in court. I told the court that the practice of law in Ghana was still in stone age and it was time we progressed as other developed jurisdictions. I asked the judge to overrule their objection and allow the practice. THE JUDGE AGREED WITH ME and I was happy.

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