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Obama cornered!! A lesson for Ghana

Yaw Konadu
2011-07-14 09:11:09

How did the world's greatest country end up as a highly indebted country? What sets Germany and China apart from the USA and what are the lessons here for the current and future Ghanaian leaders?

The American state, to borrow Dr. Frimpong Ansah's words, has become a "vampire state". America has lost its once feared industrial prowess and it could not develop a serious industry to replace the old fashioned production. Strip searching folks at the airport (as the NTSB folks do) may represent some semblance of work but ... Add the numerous entitlements programs (which unfortunately we Ghanaians are emulating) to the mix and you have a great nation on the brink of defaulting on its debts.

Now to our Ghanaian situation.Why do we have this massive unemployment on our hands? Can't we form work gangs and let some soldiers supervise them to fix all the dilapidated schools, clinics and hospitals? Can't we build some dams and reservoirs to provide potable water? Can't we desilt our rivers,lakes and lagoons etc?

What happened to old fashioned cocoa production in Ghana? What happened to the old fashioned sawmills, peanut cultivation, oil palm cultivation, rubber etc? We better think twice before we put all our eggs in the "oil and gold basket".

Encourage people to produce, set taxes low, run a balanced budget (occasional deficits must not be a problem) and have a small and lean government.

Yoooo, the fate of the USA is awaiting us. Don't come here and blame G W Bush for the current predicament of the USA. Tip O'neil, I understand, started all of these many many decades ago and successive US politicians kept kicking the can down the road. Now, the chicks are coming to roost. Ghanaians take sme good lessons from America's current predicament.

A word to the wise is enough. Read on:



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