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RE: Did you train wife beaters too?

Mr Kwaku Romeo
2011-07-14 10:37:51

abaa that is a lie and you know it, all children respond to love and respect irrespective of their social, religious, racial or tribal background. As a very young person from school I took it upon myself the responsibility of looking after my younger brother and two nephews. I stayed with them from primary school thru' university and now one is a doctor and the other an engineer, with the youngest nephew in the training college, I can assure you that there was never a need for me to beat any of them to instill discipline in them, but they are all very well behaved young men who are a credit to the family wherever they go. What did I do? I sat them down when they do something wrong and reasoned with them, explaining to them the consequences of their actions and believe me it worked. Show understanding, love and respect to even the youngest and you'll see them respond. Caning is terribly out of date!
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abaa-bii abuzotyel
07-14 08:32
RE: Did you train wife beaters too?
Mr Kwaku Romeo
07-14 10:37