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RE: Did you train wife beaters too?

2011-07-14 10:20:01

l'm totally against corporal punishment in any form to children in school and at home. i dont see the point in it.Growing up as a kid in ghana, my parents particularly my father,did not believe in yelling or beating up kids when wronged,and would talk to us calmly and repeated when we were wrong.A real occurance in our community at that time.Such humility really touched me deeply.

He will take away things or refuse not to give us special treats(something you dont want to miss for the world)when we messed up. For me, this had a very deep impact on me,my personality and the way i treat others.

Now that i'm old and have my own kids,i have maintain this practise with my kids and i can say its been extremely effective.However, my wonderful wife who l love dearly and also a ghanaian knows nothing but corporal purnishmentShe continually exercise such barbaric ways toward our kids when they're wrong. i totally reject this,it sickens me, and its been a great source of conflict betweem the two.The strange thing is that the kids are more and more rebellious and fearless of her.

On the otherhand, i simply have to give them a disapprovely look,and whatever the ill will not be repeated. i've also noticed they're more comfortable,much more open with me,and very hestitate to do anything l will not approve.There's more to gain by talking to kids about their ills than instilling fear into them.

I hope most ghanaian parents will learn this skill and stop yelling and hitting their kids.Such treatment goes a long way to damage their self-esteem, self confidence,and can easily retard their emotional,pyscological and social growth. l have promise my better half next time she hit the kids,i will have to call the cops on her..and i seriously mean it!

BTW, there's no passage in the bible that says"spare the rod and spoil the child".As usual, just one the religious nonsense from a foreign religion which Africans can seems to break themselves from.
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abaa-bii abuzotyel
07-14 08:32
RE: Did you train wife beaters too?
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