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2011-07-12 11:53:59

I thought it was a wonderful news to see all who had left NDC to retrace their roots and return to the party. I have never supported resignations from the party. I have always understood that multi-party politics is a game of numbers and as much as possible, all necessary avenues must be explored to resolve differences among personalities in the same camp than to wish for some to resign from the family. I have espoused this position all the time and the archives will bear me testimony. I expressed the same position in reaction to the news that Dr. Obed Asamoah was returning to the NDC and I praised those who may be behind the move, which I think may include the President himself. In reaction, my Don, ODB wrote the following about me:

"you appear to be singing for your dinner, Bishop! Ghana, eventually got to you eh? Sorry!" -- ~KtR~ (SAW)

BUT I WANT TO ASSURE YOU, MY DON THAT Ghana cannot "get to me" just like that. The BISHOP Dela brand shall never change. ODB, I am doing everything very differently and in the process having problems everywhere and with everyone. In Ghana, you are either part of the corrupt system, or you are described as "too known" and would have to fight everywhere you go. I am suffering too much of these and I just hope I shall not become tired.

I recall far in 1994 when I was a district NASPA President and I took the entire system on trying to curb a lot of institutionalized mess in the scheme, and in the process had to face the wrath of NSS Coordinators from all over the Region. It was tough, but I remained courageous and resolute until I went into a regional presidency election not knowing that the coordinators had long warned all delegates not to vote for me in particular. Surprisingly, moments just before we presented our brief statements for election, all coordinators and reps from the districts were called out to remind them not to vote for me. I didn't know this until long after when one of the delegates saw my picture with my brother in Capevars and narrated the entire story to him. ANYWAY, after making my brief statement, all the questions I got came from coordinators. At the end of it when the votes were counted, I GOT JUST A SINGLE VOTE. Meaning I was the only one who voted for myself.

Meanwhile, I went with 2 other delegates from my district -- my Vice President, and the Secretary. I am sure they believed I might earn at least 3 votes, in which case I would naturally assume that they had voted for me. As it were, God exposed them bitterly and they were very confused. When we got back to base and I had attempted to resign, the rank and file of service personnel vowed that if anyone would resign, it must be the Vice President and the Secretary. BUT I SURVIVED THAT ALSO. I am on course, ODB.


[This is an authentic posting from BISHOP Dela (Registered User)]
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Mr Kwaku Romeo
07-12 12:02