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Akwasi A'dam
2011-07-12 11:21:27

In his inaugural speech as president Kuffour said he will have zero tolerance for corruption.. years into his administration and came back to say corruption has been with us since Adam. During the 2008 election campaign the then candidate Mills made it know that if elected he will act on every allegation of corruption without first demanding for proof. Fast forward to the to 2011 and corruption is rife than ever. Carl Wilson, Baba Kamara, John Mahama, Mahama Ayiriga, Sipa Yankey et. all comes to mind.

Today all sorts of people are been appointed to various boards and positions.. people who have no knowledge of the boards they are sitting on.. (tell me a person like Allotey Jacobs can provide any meaningful contribution to the ECG board ) Their only reason is to fill their mouths and pockets with fat allowances and per diem.

Until that time when a president will be able to tell his party faithful you can't have this job because you are not qualified , Ghana will continue to suffer in poverty
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