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2011-07-12 10:58:09

I just don't understand why some dynamic members of the progressive forces are red-mad just because President Mills was overwhelmingly endorsed by the NDC. In fact, I honestly think that they should blame a poorly run campaign. In fact, it was a campaign filled only with anger. It was a campaign with no message!! For example' not once did we read about how we are going to aggressively and ruthlessly tackle senseless corruption in our society.

All that Nana Konadu succeeded doing was playing the whole NDC structure into the devious hands of that most corrupt party. Do my angry friends release how disappointed and mad the NPP is? What is puzzling is why our friends did not see through this political deceptiom! Imagine the Daily Misguide championing the interest of a Rawlings!!!

This is not the time for us to start over the bickering!!!!!!

This is the time to try and work with the President to move our democratic and progressive agenda forward. And I mean with speed and efficiency. We cannot allow these nation wreckers back to power just because we could not settle our differences!!

This is the time to let the seething anger go and direct our energies towards the real enemies of the people. The pressure can come from within!

We must stand united

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Mr Kwaku Romeo
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