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Will NKAR go independent?

abaa-bii abuzotyel
2011-07-12 06:09:31

Though not a distant admirer of NKAR, nor her group of deceitful social democrats, I have grown to like her for her tenacity of purpose and living true to her name.

Intelligence, I picked up(and I usually don't share it) suggests something ominous is about to happen to NKAR that will finally dispatch her and the Avaklasu to political oblivion. It is widely held now that with her miserly 3% at the just ended NCD congress, the peeved Rawlingses have a bad dream of asking her to stand as an Independent Presidential Candidate.

Please, someone should tell her not to because the humiliation she will suffer in that venture will be unprecedented. NKAR will never be President of this dear nation founded by the one and only Osagyefo.

Let NKAR try and she would be stripped naked and all the the skeletons of judges, soldiers and seers in her slender cupboard will fling wide open for vultures to peck.

[This is an authentic posting from abaa-bii abuzotyel (Registered User)]
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abaa-bii abuzotyel
07-12 06:20
Kofi Ameko
07-12 06:29
07-12 11:01
Efo Amegah
07-12 08:33