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Has history repeated itself............

2011-07-10 14:48:10

............ or a son has killed the father?

50 plus years ago, a man surfaced on the political scene, who led Ghana into independence. He was no other person than Osagyefo the Nkrumah. He wanted to develop Ghana into a first world country. Some loved him, others loathed him. After a while, it was alleged that he became a dictator. Amidst the majority who loved him, a minority decided to get rid of him because they couldn't get enough milk to drink. All the so called development undertaken in the country, meant nothing to them. True to their plans, they got rid of him,

Whilst the Ameko's and the Dawu's were jumping on the collapsed statues of Nkrumah, the Mpomposuo's, Ogyatanaa's, Okatakyie's, Kante's and Asase's were busily drumming their mothers saucepans chanting the song: Mu kyere nu, )wor Guinea asase su, )y3 awie, awie, awie, awie, awie!!!!!!!!!!!!

And alone in Guinea Conakry, the redeemer died.

Years later, a „yor ke gari“ creditor of a soldier, picked up a gun, slaughtered former presidents, including high court judges, pastors and entrepreneurs, and made himself president. Faces he didn't like vanished from earth. Companies he didn't like were demolished. Those he thought were attractive to him were signed off to his wife for free, cite Nsawam cannery, the GNTCs and UTCs etc. Some people even claimed his initials meant: *Junior Jesus*. An indication that he was the only redeemer for Ghana. However, the development of Ghana in his 19 years of rule, was reversed to 19 years before 1957. After 19 years in power, Ghanaians woke up from their slumber and kicked him out of office. Thank God!

Power drunk as he was, he anointed his son, Egya Atta to take the baton, to bring his party back to power. Let's give credit where its due, then without his charisma and aggressive campaign full of lies and threats, NDC wouldn't have been back to power. But then, he overstayed his visit. He still assumed he was the best thing that could happen to members of his party. Therefore, when his instructions were not obeyed, he decided to this time around, send his wife to complete the race.

It turned out that his so called charisma, was worn out. To his own surprise, members of the very party that he founded, rejected his proposal, and the anointed son became the new king.

So there; is history repeating itself? Are the masses rejecting their founder because they can't have enough milk to drink, just like in the days of Nkrumah? Or a son has killed a father as it has been known from Adams?

Over to you, the experts!


[This is an authentic posting from Naana (Registered User)]
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