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Old Dirty Bastard
2011-07-10 11:54:08

To paraphrase Joan of Arc.. "Let those who believe in me, follow me".

Let those who believe in the PEOPLE.....

....The pure-water sellers in our unforgiving sun. The disabled men and women who are left on the streets to dice with death as they weave between 4-wheel drives and diesel/petrol fumes to beg for alms. The men and women who will soon lose their home in the mental asylums. Pregnant women who have no choice but to mount a motorbike - bump and all - in order to make the 60 kilometre journey to the nearest maternity unit. Needless wasted lives - on a daily basis - in preventable motor accidents. The homes that are robbed of the only bread winner through such accidents. The children from such homes who cry themselves to sleep each night out of hunger. The boys who work as slaves on fishing boats. The girls, barely out of their adolescence, who sell self to feed siblings. Patched mouths. Stick limbs. Swollen stomachs.

This is the reality of Ghana, today.

So let those who believe in working to improve the conditions of these people, follow us.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings!

Jerry Rawlings John!

A Progressive Social Democratic Cause.


~KooTseR~ (SAW)

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Nana Guy Toronto
07-10 12:34
Nana Guy Toronto
07-10 12:55