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Le Rouge
2011-07-10 02:01:47

The Rawlings are strong on emotions and weak on analysis, in particular accurately gauging the changing political trends of the country. The Rawlings had nothing to offer Ghanaians except to put former ministers in jail. There are more pressing needs staring the country in the face such as the very challenging task of growing the economy and providing jobs to many young people who come out of our schools, universities and polytechnics every year. Corruption is debilitating and leads to enormous wastage of resources which could otherwise be used to improve the lot of ordinary Ghanaians. But merely jailing former government ministers without tackling the fundamental structures and institutions that contribute to it will not help our country. Retributive justice hasn't worked anywhere in the world. If it had, Rawlings would have succeeded in curbing corruption during his 19 years in power. They couldn't smell the coffee and now they are consigned to the dustbin of history. And Ghana is the biggest winner.

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Le Rouge
07-10 07:13