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2011-07-09 11:45:38

In spite of the needless pounding he has received from within and without his own democratic party, the President is going accept the nomination of his great, grand party with his humility, respect and honest. In the process he is going to make a public confession:

1. That he will continue to respect and treat our iconic founding father with dignity and respect.

2. That in doing so, he recognizes the fact that he is building a party for the future.

3. That means he is not being shortsighted but recognizes that a national institution like the NDC can't be built of personalities but on sound, gold-edged principles of probity, accountability and sunshine and respect for authority.

4. That for the NDC to survive the REAL BATTLE ahead of redeeming the values that undergird any nation and bring economic salvation to millions and millions and millions of our country folks, he must aggressively clean our society of the destructive cancer of corruption that keeps eating at the very fabric of our society!

5. In doing so, he expects nothing but total commitment from his own member and the public in general!!! And especially total commitment from his appointees and other public and civil servant!

6. That the NDC is looking into the future with intense energy directed at crushing poverty, wretchedness, hopelessness, arrogance and respect for the rule of law!

Look out for the full text of his speech!!!

Ey3 zu!

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