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Starvation in East Africa - solving it.

2011-07-09 08:15:23

I am having sleepless nights over the truly heartbreaking situation in East Africa right now. Particularly Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Very young looking women with several children in tow, starving, looking skinny hiking in the drought areas. Most of you might brush this off as nonsense but that is because you do not care.

Why is this allowed to happen over and over again?

What happened to several billions poured into Africa over the years as aide?

I propose few solutions.

1. Learn to store water and stop wasting it. The way the African waste water is too shocking. Cars are washed everyday. Enough water solves a lot of problems.

2. Contraception. Birth control is a must. It is shocking how one woman turns out to become grandmother to about 70 grandchildren. Shouldn't this be a concern?

3. No aide should ever be handed over to African leaders. Projects should be conducted by the donors themselves. I am tired of seeing African leaders purchase tanks and missiles from aide given to them. I wonder why donors give aide without demanding for accountability. In this case, I applaud how the Chinese are providing aide in Africa. They send their engineers to conduct the project themselves and see it through rather than handing over huge sum of money to corrupt politicians and officials, though I accept this is for self interest but they are making a small bit difference.

4. You should reject religious/superstitious way of thinking and embrace critical thinking, ie make science priority of religion. Science solve problems, religion create more problems and destroys.

Seems to me like the corrupt African leaders are the ones benefiting from this all. What really happens also is that, most Africans are accustomed to this that they do not see starvation, bad governance and corruption as problems anymore. It is so sad it has come to this.

I will do the little I can to help. You also should.

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