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Stan Dogbe and Nyaunu trade heavy 'blows'

Markh One
2011-07-09 06:53:36

The venue for the NDC’s ‘historic’ National Delegates Congress witnessed heated events on the eve of the election, as leading members of the two contenders for the NDC flagbearer contest, Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu and Presidential Aide Stan Dogbe, traded heated words during a discussion set up by the Citi FM Election Centre crew.

The discussion got nasty, when Mr. Dogbe in responding to claims that the Rawlingses had been neglected since their residence was razed down, described Hon. Teye Nyaunu as "dudui", a Ga word which means surplus to requirements or does not matter in the larger scheme of things.

“So dudui elements like Teye Nyaunu, cannot be speaking for the Former President” Stan Dogbe said.

Mr. Nyaunu responded sharply by asking to know the meaning of the word dudui, but instinctively, it appears that he knew he had been insulted.

"Honourable, sit down and lets finish the debate. If you have any strong point sit down and let’s debate”.

At this point, Hon. Nyaunu could not take it any longer as he launched a reprisal.

“I got my training in Russia and that is bearing on what I am doing now. You are cheapening yourself. Shame on you Stanley. Stanley you are such a shame to the Presidency. Is that the way you behave? No wonder we are having problems in the NDC. If we have nincompoops like you at the Castle, no wonder things are so bad. Bull***t

"Stanley, today I have seen how empty you are. NPP was so smart. Stanley, I thought you were wise but I never knew you are a nincompoop. I never knew you are an idiot like this. Stanley you are too much of a shame. Bull***t man, a nincompoop like you” he said.

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