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Who was demoted by the reshuffle?

Kwaku Azar
2003-04-01 14:04:45

This breakdown shows how much of the total budget for ministries and the judicial service is devoted to each sector. The total allocation is $1,051,650,000. So to find out the dollar amount devoted to each sector, simply multiply the percentage by this number. As an example, women affairs gets approximately $1.2m (.12 x 1,051,650,000).

You can use this table to determine whether a minister was demoted or promoted during the reshuffle. If you are moved from a ministry with a $500 budget to one with $1 budget, then I see that as a demotion and vice versa.

Based on dollars controlled, the minister of education is the most important minister. Baah Wiredu moved from controlling 3.25% (Local Govt) to controlling 32.99% (Education). He is the biggest winner!

I leave it as an exercise to you to determine the biggest loser, the losers and the winners!

Note 1: Numbers are based on 2003 budget

Note 2: I could not get an allocation for the foreign ministry and Tourism from the budget. So whether Nana and Jake were promoted or demoted is left for future research.

Da yie!

Women Affairs 0.12%

Manpower Development and Employment 0.51%

Justice 0.44%

Judicial Service 1.14%

Defense 5.22%

Interior 7.43%

Finance 2.75%

Local Government 3.25%

Economic Planning and Regional 0.26%

Information/Presidential Affairs 1.04%

Communication and Technology 0.75%

Roads and Transport 11.23%

Works and Housing 7.80%

Food and Agriculture 4.98%

Lands and Forestry 1.49%

Energy 1.77%

Private Sector 0.07%

Environment and Science 1.59%

Trade and Industry 1.22%

Health 13.72%

Education 32.99%

Mines 0.23%

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