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?"White king" with 37 wives rules Konong

2003-04-01 06:28:27

Chieftaincy opened the door for slavery and other forms of humiliations suffered by Africans. The "white masters" used the kings to wage wars , captured and sold the prisoners of war in a blatant disregard for human rights. I promise that, if we have only 10 of King Fritz's type, it is possible to enslave Africans again. Our kings and the instituition of Chieftaincy is run by ignorant, mentally blind individuals who cannot see beyond their petty needs.

Place the endemic proverbial African corruption directly at the feet of this senselee instituition. To root out corruption, first root out chieftancy and all the rest will follow.

As part of his duties as a king or chief,;King Fritz is allowed to preach in every church in Konongo on the the usual brainwashing messages without any relevance to the needs of the people. There must be a relentless campaign to put an end to this horrible institution.

Simply put, Ghana must abolish the institution of Chieftaincy. It is not relevant for modern nation building.

From that of the Ashantehene stool to the one in the village, must be dissolved.

Instead, let us put in place functioning institutions able to inspire creativity and innovation towards building a science-oriented society.

The institution of Chieftaincy has been a hindrarnce to national and continental progress, and continue to instigate violence and promote and champion the proverbial African traditional culture of stagnation and retardation.

People should be free from paying homage and swearing allegiance to a human personality promising to uphold a rotten culture, performing unthinkable rituals dating back to pre-historic times and has nothing to do with today's scientific approach to nation bulding.

Why should the President waste his time on reforming an instituition which is of no relevance to modern nation building?

Let us be free and free indeed to think and embark on relevant human development projects instead of kowtowing to an irrelevant institution.

When people are thinking of conquering nature as commanded to human beings and even daring the skies,building modern and up to date technology to match human advances; we are thinking of slaughtering animals and pouring blood on stones.

In a world where power and might rules, Africa cannot remain using bows and arrows. Security is the key.

Should the present generation commit the same mistakes of our forefathers?

Spending endless time talking about that useless thing called chieftancy.

How would Africans react today if the American/British senseless onslaught are directed against us?

Please, don't tell it would not happen because we don't have Saddam. It happened before and their onslaught know not boundaries.

This outdated, outmoded and obsolete instutuition has been one of African's bane. Away with chieftaincy if we don't want to produce more "white kings" with countless wives. It is just an eyesore.

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