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What Fuels Your Daily Dose of Politics?

Town Council
2011-07-06 21:08:00

Clearly, politics and the affiliation to it have flooded the terrain. It will amplify in the coming days.

Some wonder whether the drive for the political snipes is based on money, the sport, or something else?

There is a group of affiliates who, exclusively, either currently gain financially, or stand to gain from one candidate getting re-elected or another displacing him. It's for the money.

There is second group of affiliates who are not necessarily close to the insider politics that come with financial gain, but display a strong fervor, exclusively, for the sport of it, and get excited about the thought or reality of their preferred choice of candidate winning an election.

There is a third category with a fervor based on something else.

Is your fervor based on money, the sport of politics, or something else?

If it's something else, what is it?

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