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** Kuffour Resigns; President A-R Appiah in charge

** Africa Teacher **
2003-04-01 02:27:57

This is not April Fool stuff, Mr. Kuffour. You may be sincere in your endeavors, however, you have no clue to lead the nation. Therefore Visionary Abdul-Razaq Appiah has taken over to overhaul the colonial infrastructures, which you and your MPs so much admire and have embedded yourself. Ghana MUST progress; Ghana must be reborn.

Imperialist unitary system of government is immediately replaced with Ghana Traditional System of Government--Federations

Every Region will appoint its minister--no more one-man- knows-it-all appointment. No more one man's brain = 18 million brains

Imperialist constitutional clauses barring Traditional Leaders from politics are henceforth removed

Vernacular is no more prohibited in Ghana Schools---Ghanaian Languages will be integrated into whole for our Official Language. No more White Supreme English Perpetuation.

Stay tuned


SHOCK: President Resigns

The President has resigned. He has been president since January 2001, when his party the national Patriotic party defeated the then ruling NDC at the poll. "I handed in my resignation and it was accepted, but today being April first you need not believe everything you read" JAK told reporters on Monday

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