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christos christoff
2011-07-06 14:16:19

So of all the things you and your husband have done against GHANA AND ITS PEOPLE YOU BOTH THINK THE PEOPLE ARE SO FORGETFUL AND FOOLISH NOT TO REMEMBER A THING OF YOUR PAST???--the wickedness!! tyranny!! and plain wanton disregard for the human rights of others.

Konadu you need to wash your hands clean of the MURDERS OF THE SUPREME COURT must explain the RICE SAGA THAT CAUSED 200 MILLIONS IN LOSSES TO OMAN must tell us of what you knew of the ""BURNING BUGALOW"( ofcourse it was not a flying saucer/drone that blasted the bungalow........and so many many situations in your past. know managing the affairs of GHANAAS A PRESIDENT is not same as throwing jargons at the helm of JUNE WOMEN GROUP YOU HEAD!!!!!

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christos christoff
07-06 14:40