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Nyame Ye
2011-07-06 09:53:57

The jury has come back with a not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial in Florida in spite of the expectations of the press and the general public. Now the legal analysts are saying the jury was right because the prosecution failed even establish how the victim Caylee Anthony died. The jury focused on the facts presented and not on emotions or public opinion. What is the relevance of this to Ghanaweb? Courts decisions are based on facts presented and the law not on emotions like hatred for the accused. If the prosecution does a lousy job, the judge or jury has no option but to let the accused walk. The NDC, its FAF and supporters need to do their homework and stop blaming judges for losing cases. How can Rawlings circulate a tape with hearsay and claim it is evidence of how the Ya Na was murdered and expect the AG to put his reputation on the line? This whole campaign against the judiciary on judicial corruption will backfire. How many average Ghanaians deal with the court system in a life time and how many of them are directly impacted by what goes on in the courts? Even Kennedy Agyapong a politician has come out to say politicians are part of the problem in addition to churches and the media. The people vote for politicians to run the country, not judges so our NDC politicians better do their jobs and leave the judges alone. Judges do not award state contracts or have access to state coffers. They are not responsible for providing education, managing the economy, maintain the healthcare system, and providing basic needs like clean water. The way I see it this whole judiciary corruption thing is a diversion. Our politicians are pointing fingers instead of finding leading the nation. Sadly there is corruption everywhere in Ghana including the judiciary, lawyers and government but if we are going to clean things up it must start with the politicians in the ruling party and not with judges.
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