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The Pikworo slave Camp

abaa-bii abuzotyel
2011-07-04 10:52:48

Many people associate Nania, a suburb of Paga with talent in sports because of the legendary Abede Pele and his sons. But Nania has a darker tale and it dates back to circa 1705.

I am talking about the slave trade which saw Africans ship off their kins abroad in exchange for gun powder, alcohol and clothing.

I was there in Nania at the week end and closely observed the horrors of the Pikworo slave camp which occurred many years ago, yet hurt so much today as i was taken through by my tour guide.

The Camp was established by three notorious slave raiders, one of whom was a pal of my great grand father. How sad!

The evil trio were Samouri and Baba Toure (both North Africans?) and Bagao a naitive of Nania. I do not know what Bagao means in Kasem but in my language; it may mean "Foolish Dog". If it is correct, he carried his foolishness to sky high when he identified the multitude of rocks at Nania that provided a fortress for the wicked souls to trade in relative security.

The camp was divided into 8 parts; holding area, watering point, dining area, entertainment, marketing, watch tower, torture area for stubborn slaves and a cemetery.

I was told the cemetery has mass graves in which lay the skeletal remains of thousands of rebel slaves. the cemetery is collocated with the torture chambers, making disposal of the dead an easy task. I hope our archeaologists will be interested in how many bodies those graves marked by rocks are holding.

I am enjoying my stay up north but for this vist to the slave camp.

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