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Mr. Mister
2011-07-04 09:40:00

Given that the economy is not better, that the nation has no leadership and that ordinary people are suffering more today than before the NDC came to power, the NDC campaign strategy for 2012 is to make drug accusations and propaganda against the NPP flag bearer in a hope that will somehow deter Ghanaians from voting for the NPP.

Will this NDC strategy work? Only time will tell. But the NDC strategy is obvious and it is the best strategy for them to adopt, regardless of who is their candidate, Mills or Konadu.

On the other hand it is not clear what the NPP strategy for 2012 is. Are they going to offer a plan for the nation to mover forward? Are they going to focus on one or two things that they want to enact at once when vote into power? For example NDC promised all sorts of things that they haven't delivered but those promises, empty as they were, helped them to win in 2009. Bottom line: is the NPP any good at politics?

In a democracy type contest you have to get people to come out and vote for you or to come out and vote AGAINST your opponent. And to do that you have to adopt some simple strategy that will work. Most people are almost illiterate and cannot understand very much so even if you are right you still have to appeal to them at their level. And you have to attack your opponents relentlessly, both on the personal and the policy level. The NPP is doing none of these things up to now.

What is the NPP strategy for 2012? So far it seems they don't have any. They still have some time, but not much, to come up with a campaign strategy and start implementing it. But I think it is fair to say up to now they do not have a strategy.
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Mr. Mister
07-04 10:31