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To: Nana K.

2011-07-04 11:22:29

"Being well trained in economic matter, maybe Prof. Mills fears the humungous cost of operation and maintenance of this monument of corruption, also the the ugliest building in Africa?"

And this is where you're more than wrong and have a mysterious problem. Since when did it become clear that that haunted slave castle from where President Mills is so proud to do business is the rightful place regarding the seat of government? I'm inclined to believing that you're one of those colonialist thinkers who believe that an edifice is worth using if it passed through the hands and, in fact, was shaped through the directing hands of our colonial or slave "masters". What exactly is the significance of the Osu Castle, compared to the "Jubilee House" ( though I dislike the name, "Jubilee House")?

Your problem is that you confuse economic prudence with cultural significance. Recoil into your unproductive academic shelf! That can leave us in peace.
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To: Nana K.
07-04 11:22