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Are Liars Exempt from the Pursuit of Justice?

Town Council
2011-07-01 20:41:28

Are Liars Exempt from the Pursuit of Justice?

Where are the facts and circumstances of the case, the most important aspect?

Whether the Frenchman is innocent or guilty, wouldn't it be better if the discussion of this case were based on the actual facts and circumstances of the case? This important aspect is missing because the media has picked and chosen the parts of the narrative that they want their readers and viewers to focus on. The credibility of the alleged victim is just a piece of the puzzle to fall on if facts are hard to come by. However, it is the part that the defense will like to focus on, obviously. It is the part that the defense will like to use in striking a deal with the Attorney General's office. It is the part that the defense will call its New York Times contacts to have them publish stories on. On the other hand, a strong, willing prosecution would have been interested in countering with the character and past acts of the Frenchman. A neutral, objective observer interested in Justice will also be interested in the pure facts and circumstances of the case to a large extent.

This is a New York jurisdiction case that pits the weakness of an adviser/attorney and an unwilling prosecution team on one hand, versus a strong defense team on the other. It is a fight. In fights, expedient steps are taken to prevail. In this case, the defense is doing all it can to prevail, which is understandable.

The budding question out of this example is, are liars exempt from the pursuit of justice? Forget about the lady from Guinea for a second. Assume a liar is actually raped in a situation where there aren't any witnesses. Should the case be examined and the facts investigated, or should the decision be based on the alleged victim's lack of credibiliy as a liar? If the latter option is taken, justice will be denied, won't it?

For all those chanting for the Frenchman (as if there is a vested interest in someone who gives a damn about how the IMF treats your village), this issue of the alleged victim's credibility is not a solid point to be excited about. However I may be wrong on that because if you're a fan of the Frenchman, it will most likely be snatched and admitted as a solid point, a solid punch on the road to victory.

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