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The Guinean Woman Is Toast Versus DSK

2011-07-01 18:09:20

This was written in response to a posting below:

That hapless African/Guinean woman will be very lucky indeed not to find herself in jail, followed by expulsion from the US, when all is said and done w'ate.

You people really have nary a clue how things work over here in US Aburokyire, do you? She has reportedly lied multiple times under oath before a grand jury and whatnot. That is a fiili-fiili criminal offense, w'ate.

She supposedly never called immediately after the event/ encounter with DSK. She proceeded to finish cleaning another guest room before calling Police/Hotel authorities. Plus, she supposedly called some convicted Guy currently in prison, who had previously deposited large amounts of presumed drug money in her bank account, to discuss how to proceed in order to maximize her "extortionist" modus operandi.

She claimed gang rape in Guinea, which served as grounds for her asylum application, which she subsequently recanted to prosecutors in New York. Then she claimed that her husband was killed by the Guinean Abongo Boys, another story that she subsequently recanted. Then she claimed another rape in Guinea prior to her emigration to New York, a story that, again, she subsequently recanted. Every single one of these tales/fibs has been taped/recorded, including her phone call to the convict in New York.

She has been raped multiple times before; then she has recanted those stories. Who is going to believe her when she hollers another rape against DSK?

The only way she can save herself from getting prosecuted and thrown into jail is to claim the 5th (Amendment). That means that she can invoke her right not to incriminate herself further by giving further evidence, either in court or during other sworn testimony. And if she does not talk further, there is no way for anybody to prove that she was so-called raped. But, should she become suicidal enough to talk and/or give further evidence, DSK's lawyers will tear her into pieces, literally and figuratively speaking. Talk about a double whammy, double jeopardy, and whatnot. Already, they have sicced a Private Detective or two on her rear end.

Either way, DSK walks.

My friend, these people don't play dame. They have mucho dinero and they will use it to assault you so hard, you will never know what hit you. I truly feel sorry for the Sister, and you should too.

Meantime, in case she were truly lying, think how much the Guy DSK has lost out of his own life and career and, in that case, feel sorry for HIM!

Da yie!

[This is an authentic posting from Ogyatanaa (Registered User)]
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