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DSK gets "life Sentence" from African Woman

2011-07-01 14:48:06

Ladies and gentlemen,

The high and Mighty and the novous rich think they can screw Africa and get away with it. But No!

Even if DSK's legall team manages to explore the asylum statements of the poor African girl to get him off the hook, DSK himself has admitted that he had concentual sex with this woman.

Fortunately for Africa and unfortunately for DSK, The woman in question has advance stage HIV virus. He will forever be wondering if he has got the virus. And if he has, It will be enough punishment for the High and Mighty DSK.

Despite the fact that (legally) the poor woman has "credibility" problems, the whole world knows the truth that he was sexually attacked by this inhuman DSK.

And we all know that it is not his first time.

DSK, Have a good life sentence. Next time you see an African hotel maid, you will run a mile.

Aboa a oni dua!

[This is an authentic posting from Kokrap (Registered User)]
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