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Oheneba O.T
2011-07-01 13:59:33

Dear Dr DAWU,

Not that in their their wildest imagination would anyone seek to make a comparison between Kofi Awonoor and Nana Akufo Addo, but I've never heard you refer to the former as Kofi "I consider myself an Ewe First" Awonoor. This in spite of the fact that that hypocritical phony made the disgusting statement in a Newsweek interview in addition to his incendiary and virulently anti-Akan statements in his infamous book "The Ghana Revolution". Secondly, if there's anybody in Ghana, who personifies the P/NDC, it's that man

DAWU, make no mistake about this, you and Real patriot are the few NDC sympathizers that have won my respect, but I find your predilection for overlooking the mote in the eyes of certain people and your feretting the speck in others quite unsettling. Last week, on reading my indictment of Rawlings for his repressive and murderous rule, you basically said that it was stale news, even though the last time I checked there was no statute of limitation on extra-judicial killings anywhere on this God's good earth.

I know that in your heart of hearts you do not for once genuinely believe that Nana Akufo Addo is xenophobic. So kindly criticize him on the basis of his position and stop the infantile reference to his short stature and the ad hominem attacks. Rawlings once called him "that short man", but at least, he's a mentally unstable individual. So tell me, menua: for heaven's sake, what's your excuse?


[This is an authentic posting from Oheneba O.T (Registered User)]
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