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Hon. ODB!

sumanguru Kante
2011-07-01 13:34:37

Mbraa, just saw your question on the fight between the Hayemaker and Kltischko. It's been almost a week since I logged on to the forum. l'll give my analysis of the fight tomorrow afternoon. Haye would win the fight in six. We may however, have to book a bed for him at Guy's if the fight travels beyond seven. Both Boxers are 'chinny'. He who 'lands' first wins. It is as simple that. The Ukranian can take Haye out with a single punch. But he is stiff, clumsy, and predictable. Worst of all, he has no 'heart'. He gets easily intimidated. Expect that to happen If Haye manages to get past his jab. The Hayemaker punches really hard , and in 'combos', too. I just can't see Haye losing this one.

I shall try to reach you tonite for a chat on an important issue . Please, try and keep your line open!

Kindest regards.


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