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Ogyatanaa Declares Negroes Inferior!

2011-07-01 11:33:07

Ogyatanaa -- "[Soot-faces] keep on funking willy-nilly, breeding more hapless poorly-fed, insufficiently-educated, and unemployable population of the perpetually poor who end up forever dependent on Government and/or other members of the extended family who have their own set of children to take care of."

Scholar & Lady® -- After all you have observed and experienced in the diaspora and on the Dark Continent, can you sincerely say from the bottom of your heart that Negroes are of equal intelligence to non-Negroes? Thank you.

Ogyatanaa -- "No!"

There you have it, Negroes. There you have it.

The plight of Africa/ns is permanent!®

[This is an authentic posting from ħ§rêÿ® (Registered User)]
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