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Another African nightmare???

2011-07-01 09:36:36

Why can’t these Africans leave me alone to have a sound sleep hein?

Just when I am trying to recover from the vile jungle insults heaped on all Africans just last night because of some Naija women touching the chicken legs of some German girls, then comes Aishatou from Guinea with her inanity to even make a rape case.

Now, not only will she be a liar and a fool, but all African women will soon be pushed in one boat.

How do I now shout rape mentioning a Dawu or Ameko even if they are only $20 worth?

Was this girl thinking she was still in Guinea?

Didn’t I say it, that there was something fishy about this case?

Aishatou has swallowed something bigger than her throat and is now being choked to death. Oyiwa

I still pray she has legs to stand on after all is over.


PS: Kudos to Mrs. DSK for being there for her man when he needed her most. Well done lady.

[This is an authentic posting from Naana (Registered User)]
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