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Where`s the Independence of EC
2011-07-01 08:55:23

"--you know, you cannot do away with money completely because when you invite people to come and listen to you definitely you have to give them food and transportation, you just can’t leave them like that, but to the extent of bribing delegates to vote is something Professor Mills will never condone---’’

~ atta mills` campaign team volunteer, Miss Asamoah ~

Infact the Independence and integrity and fairness of the Election Commission (EC) of Ghana is in serious doubt.


Days Of Vote Buying.

This is the season of change--that is, if all voters on the coming election will vote wisely. There will be No vote buying necessary, and No cheating.





Vote buying for 'transport allowance' , the atta mills style



If the said atta mills has pass the test and is efficient and competent and good enough to be a President, why is he cheating and buying his way to re-apply for the job.

Is this statement alone not a paradox against itself?

You probably might think that you are talking to your socialist and communist indocrinated and dummy folks alone in Ghana, right?




Here is an evidence to prove that the allege incorruptible atta mills is corrupting and cheating the electoral system, and buying votes in exchange for the transportation cost to influence some influencial delegates.

The question is ;


This alone is tantamount to a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and FRAUD

Atta mills is simply Corrupt and must must be impeached,period!

Where in the world of democracy are candidates obliged to provide delegates of the party with transportation cost from his personal pocket?

"We can define a conflict of interest as a situation in which a person has a private or personal interest sufficient to appear to influence the objective exercise of his or her official duties as, say, a public official, an employee, or a professional."

Conflict of Interest is a situation that has the potential to undermine the impartiality of a person because of the possibility of a clash between the person's self-interest and professional interest or public interest.

It is also a situation in which a party's responsibility to a second-party limits its ability to discharge its responsibility to a third-party.

Now kindly get bold and tell the whole world on camera, that atta mills` money inducements to favor some party delegates is not cheating and corruption against other contestants on the ballot box.

And this is a man who prefers to be called in the public domain as a distuinguished University law Professor ?

How could a dignified law Professor condone corruption crime in society?

How could such a law professor speak against corruption and fight it, when he himself is the main culprit and corrupt?

Evil Hedge Funds - now more Daring and Ruthless than ever before!

In the untamed world of hedge funds, rigged deals and manipulated markets help the wealthy thrive while ordinary investors wither. The episode which I'm about to narrate is a bit old but is still highly recommended reading - today nothing has changed except perhaps that Hedge Funds have got even more devious and ruthless.


Monday, 23 May 2011

Bribing Delegates Is Not Part Of Our Modus Operandi – GAME

The spokesperson to the campaign team of President Mills Get Atta Mills Endorsed (GAME) Miss, Barbara Serwaa Asamoah says bribing delegates to vote for President Mills in the upcoming congress of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to elect a flag bearer is not part of its operations.

She discounted allegations being made in some quarters to the effect that members of GAME were moving around influencing delegates with an amount of four thousand cedi and motor bikes to delegates in the regions. ‘’We don’t move around with money or motor bikes to influence delegates there is no iota of truth in that. But you know, you cannot do away with money completely because when you invite people to come and listen to you definitely you have to give them food and transportation, you just can’t leave them like that, but to the extent of bribing delegates to vote is something Professor Mills will never condone’’ Barbara said.

She Tells Radio Gold in Accra that, people are following and supporting the President because they understand and believe in him, understand him and the delegates will vote for him overwhelmingly in the July 9th congress slated for Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo region.

She said, GAME’s strategy is a door- to –door campaign where delegates are met one- on- one to talk to the ten people that matter most which are the delegates, where we speak and explain issues to them and why they must retain President Mills for 2012, apart from that we expatiate the policies of the president. Our regional teams are always on the move to reinforce to delegates the need to vote massively for professor Mills.

The spokesperson to Game Barbara Serwaa Asamoah said, since he became president some two and a half years ago we have not heard any scandal about him, nobody has any issue with his personality, he is God fearing, humble, un-impeachable character, his good works coupled with his leadership style makes him a unique and the ideal candidate among the other contestants. He is a person that Ghanaians can trust these are the reasons why he will win both Congress and National Elections and not because of freebies to delegates or electorates. She indicated that responses from delegates have been overwhelming, as the delegates keep re-assuring the team of their unalloyed believe and confidence they have in the President and that for them president Mills is the man to win the 2012 elections for the party.

Miss Barbara Serwaa Asamoah Hinted that the objective of GAME is the 2012 general elections ‘’we want a candidate that Ghanaians will accept’’ that’s the reason we are supporting him.

‘’He’s been tested, gone through the Mill, Ghanaians have accepted and voted for him and both delegates and electorates will not make any mistake because President Mills will not fail the good people of Ghana.’’ Miss Asamoah said.

Source: Samuel Ablordeppey


Is atta mills Winning the popularity contest at the cost of Ghana ?????

Vote-buying is a sad reality of every election. Politicians publicly condemn it and urge voters not to sell their votes. But each time before people line up for the ballot, funds flow furiously, the week, if not the night, before depending on the constituency. Once again as the P/NDC head down the final stretch to elections, this plague and scourge of the socialsits and communist political process is certain to rear its ugly head.

Prior to each election, political parties commission private polls to gauge their party's popularity as well as those of potential candidates. They compare the party and candidates' rating with those of their nearest rival and competitor. These polls are conducted intermittently throughout the campaign, in particular by more prominent and well-financed parties. The objective is to allow parties and candidates to adjust their campaigns, counter moods and trends by their opponents, overcome weaknesses.

Without doubt key political parties have conducted polls of some sort. More recently, for example, the NPP have commissioned polls in some hotly contested constituencies like Asokwa- Kumasi between Madam Appiagyei and Maxwel Kofi Jumah in which the incubent failed. These are consituencies in the Asante State in which support could go either way. In the past, according to pollsters, parties would be satisfied if the trends indicated that their party or candidate was ahead by say 20% and leading comfortably in the popularity contest. In the upcoming election, however, this does not seem to be enough.

One interesting trend that has emerged is that some parties like the p/NDC and atta mills are demanding more from pollsters. They are asking for more detail. For instance they want to know which delegates or villages are against them in hotly-contested constituencies and why. "They even want to know which household is against them," one pollster confided recently.

None of the appointed Ministers and other functionaries even trust him/herself to freely declare his/her intenstion and interest to endorse other canditates except o favor atta mills

atta mills has taken Ghana as his personal property, and that the appointements which he had made were not designed to the good of Ghana, but himself.

Another new development is that the P/NDC and atta mills is asking pollsters and under age school children to assess the popularity of their canvassers with some tea-cups inducement offerings from state money, something that has never been done before.

They want to know what qualities in their revolutionary movement are attractive to voters.

What does this all mean?

Armed with more detailed information, I fear that vote-buying will be worse than ever. This is a reflection of what is at stake in this year's election. But what's worse is that the Ghanaian people continue to allow this practice to continue and really have not taken any serious or definitive action to kill this practice.

The judiciary is mute and passive and not acting.

These P/NDC thieves even have the guts to accuse the Judiciary as a very corrupt government branch.

25 May 2011

Minister builds ¢25bn 20-room mansion on waterway


A person like this suspect is still being condone by atta mills to stay in office and not subject to investigations and asked to resign and face the law.

The judiciary have to blame itself!

mm( y )²



I don't blame the voters, especially voters upcountry. The Ghanaian people have themselves to blame. The measures, procedures and penalties to curb this political disease are as weak and soft as spaghetti.

The allege independent Election Commission ( EC) , set up under the 1992 Constitutional charter, is empowered to hand out a red card to any candidate whom it deems has violated the electoral law or cheated. And this includes vote-buying.

If the Electoral Commission ( the EC) hands out a red card before election results are announced, that candidate loses his or her political rights for just one year. The commission then files a civil suit to reclaim the costs of holding a by-election in which the candidate is supposed to pay.

In most cases, the process of appeal takes time and the candidate more often than not negotiates payment terms such as interest payments or even payment by instalments.

If one year has passed (the candidate is now an MP) and the commission decides to proceed with the case, it must file the case with the Supreme Court's Election Division. In this situation, the process is tougher as far as rules of evidence are concerned. The court may decide that the commission does not have sufficient evidence and dismiss the case. If the court decides in favour of the commission, the MP loses his or her political rights for five years while the commission then proceeds to extract the costs for elections via the civil court judicial process.

One key problem in cases of vote-buying or election fraud is evidence. As far as vote-buying is concerned, there are virtually no receipts to speak of. I can only recall one case sometime ago when a reporter by chance took a sheet of paper with a list of monies paid to voters from the desk of one MP running for re-election while he wasn't looking. This example occured in one of the corrupt African countries in the sub-sahara.

The document had the candidate's signature on it which matched his signature in Parliament. All hell broke loose when a reproduction of the document was published. But in the end, because there was no EC at that time , just the Interior Ministry which was responsible for elections, the case simply disappeared, because Corrupt Chief Executive appoints members and controls the Interior Ministry.

But for a while now Ghana has an Election Commission with considerable responsibility to ensure that the election process is fair and transparent.

So far as I have obseved, the EC has never ever handed out any yellow card and even red card against any political party or Party candidates..

It is a fact that a Refree without both Yellow and Red cards and allowed himself/herself to be controlled by one side of the game is not a qualified refree.

Afari Djan and his men must have to review their perfomance and improve upon it, or else at least allow the Sovereign Regions to choose their own EC members to conduct election within their territories.

Indeed, the integrity and the independence of the Election Commission of Ghana as it stands now is questionable.

One thing the Election Commission (EC) should be required to do is report each year to Parliament and the public an update on all red card cases and the status of their civil lawsuits.

But most important of all, the Ghanaian people need to make cheats pay, and pay dearly.

The reality is that once allegations of fraud or vote-buying are lodged by candidates or the public and the EC investigates, lobbying starts to turn a red card verdict into a yellow card verdict which means a re-run in that constituency.

This is to be expected in all matters political. Cheats will be cheats and people who have become accustomed to buying their way into positions of power and influence will continue to adopt such tactics.

If the Ghanaian people are going to make any headway whatsoever in tackling this scourge, then the process needs to be clear cut and the penalties simple and straightforward.

The one year or five year political ban should go out the window altogether and in its place should be one rule and one rule only a lifetime ban from contesting any elected public office or appointment to any government office or agency in which the public interest is at stake.

Even now politicians kick and scream over at least some years ban from doing politics.

To them the Ghanaian people should say stiff cheese and be gone. If you cheat then be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Recent opinions in the general public indicate that many people remain undecided as to which party they will support in the upcoming elections.

For my relatives in that tiny west African country that was formerly called the Gold Coast, I will encourage them to vote for any political party that pushes for laws or measures that make election cheats really pay and suffer. But I won't advise the to vote for that party in this upcoming election only after they have successfully implemented the change in the electoral process.

And that means in the following elections whenever that will be.



Freedom Works believes there is a clear conflict of interest in the Duke Energy Corporation's consumer-funded "credit line."

CEO Jim Rogers and the Duke Energy Corporation are active members of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, an alliance of big businesses formed to petition the federal government to enact legislation restricting greenhouse gas emissions.

Rogers' corporation is also one of the world's largest cap-and trade lobbying groups, an interest directly affected by the success of Democratic candidates in 2012. In addition, restrictions on carbon emission would significantly increase the value of the Duke Energy Corp.'s existing nuclear, wind, and coal-powered energy plants, which are already subsidized heavily by U.S. taxpayers.

"Let's not kid ourselves about the intentions behind this $10 million 'credit line' to the DNC," commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. "This money is the equivalent of a direct donation, funded involuntarily by energy consumers, to the Democratic Party for the advancement of cap-and-trade legislation."

Freedom Works protest will be the first step in a larger campaign to expose the corruption of the Duke Energy Corporation, and ultimately to fire CEO Jim Rogers for his unethical use of consumer money. The campaign will engage Freedom Works' network of 22,943 grassroots volunteer activists across the state of North Carolina










Days Of Vote Buying.

This is the season of change--that is, if all voters on the coming election will vote wisely. There will be No vote buying necessary, and No cheating.







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Vote buying for 'transport allowance' , the atta mills style


The Independence and integrity and fairness of the Election Commission (EC) of Ghana is in serious doubt.

Is this element worth to buy your vote with your own money?


You be the judge!

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