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Mr. Mister
2011-07-01 08:28:06

The matter of the three judges that were killed during the revolutionary days of the Provisional National Defense Council has become a sort of rallying cry in the hands of those who support the status quo and the elite ruling class, of which the judiciary is a an integral part and major tool. Many of the the problems of this country can be laid at the door of the failed and corrupt judiciary but anytime somebody begins to do that those that defend the status quo start shouting "so you want to kill judges, eh, just like the three judges, eh" and that way they try to intimidate people into being quiet and accepting the status quo.

OK, let's talk about the famous or infamous three judges in the context of Ghana's history and events at the time. Ghana was in a revolutionary situation. The government was an impotent regime that was about to fail in Parliament and hand over Ghana to the neo-colonialist interests represented by Victor Owusu and the PFP, the legacy of Busia when the pNDC took over.

Since the OParliamentary plots of the imperialist had come to naught thanks to the June 4th revolution, they turned to other means. The other means were several assassination attempts on Fl. Lt. Rawlings and counter-coup attempt. The CIA and other foreign agencies were involved in this. Also Nigeria was being used by these same forces as an attempted staging ground for mercenaries to come in.

Another attack was being launched against the pNDC by the judiciary, those reliable stooges of neo-colonialism ans imperialism. They were being used to further destabilize the country and encourage by outside forces to attack the pNDC and its leader at every turn. Finally they had resorted to claiming that Rawlings was not a Ghanaian and therefore could not be head of State.

These judges were working for foreign powers that were trying to take over the country and kill the leader of the pNDC revolution. Is that the work of judges? So they were playing with fire and were doing the bidding of outside forces that were using violent means against the pNDC.

So when one day they ended up killed it was really no surprise.

Today the issue of the killing of the three judges has nothing to do with the real issue that the judiciary is corrupt. They may be the most corrupt branch of government. And make no mistake they are a branch of government. There is no such thing as an independent judiciary except in theory text-books.

The judiciary must and should be criticized for failing Ghanaians and not doing their job and being corrupt. Trying to divert attention by running for the bloody mantle of the three judges is hypocrisy and bullshit. What they are doing is trying to intimidate people into silence so that they can continue their corrupt ways for their benefit and that of the ruling class that has been milking Ghana into poverty for far too long.
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