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Is it worth it?

2011-07-01 08:18:41

I live in a beautiful appartment overlooking the Thames and the the Dartford Bridge. a most beautiful sight. But I have to work my ass off and with rude people for the rent and the utility bills.

Meanwhile, I cannot afford my toddler the full nursery place. That will be more than half my salary. Benefits scroungers though have that free,

Meanwhile(2) I miss home. I have missed the funerals of some important people in my life . And the young one are now just distant memory.

And what have I gained in my sojourn? One lovely toddler that I am extremely proud of, a British masters degree that is not worth the paper it is printed on because British employers just could not be arsed( though from a good university) and a British passport that i do not travel with and loans toward a piece of Ogyakromian land .

Should I have stayed at home?

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