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Hotel Maid connected to drug dealers?

2011-07-01 06:02:15

Within a day of the May 14 incident, the maid called a friend who was in jail for allegedly possessing 400 pound of marijuana to discuss how she could benefit from the tryst, The New York Times reported.

That phone call was recorded by authorities, the report said.

Equally troubling, investigators learned that several people from around the country made multiple cash deposits in her bank account totaling $100,000 over the past two years, the Times said.

She also paid hundreds of dollars in phone charges every month to five different companies, although she insisted she had only one phone herself.

She also showed inconsistencies on her asylum application to the United States some 10 years ago — for which there is a "good chance she could get deported," according to a Post source.

Not only did she tell "numerous lies," but she is "personally connected" to drug dealers and money launderers, the source said.

Also, she told investigators she was a victim of rape and subjected to genital mutilation in her home land, information that contradicts her asylum application.

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