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2011-07-01 05:36:35


I don't think it should be difficult for any discerning person to notice that the judiciary in Ghana is not very friendly to the NDC, and for that matter the ruling government. It does not matter that individual members in the fraternity may like President Mills as a person.

The reasons for the above must be known to many by now. If you know how the law school was established; how students were assessed and selected to enter; people who have always managed the general legal council; the history of Kwame Nkrumah and the Danquah and others; the total disrespect for lawyers during the AFRC and initial periods of the PNDC; and the killing of the 3 judges during the PNDC era, among others.

So clearly, the judiciary may be somehow tilted towards the NPP family.

Now, if the NDC is in power, which has been entrusted to them by Ghanaians, and they have noted any legitimate bases for which some reform is warranted in the judiciary, the only way out is for the political leadership to take the bull by the horn in an honest, courageous, principled and constitutional and legal manner. For instance, if members of NDC and govt, and other citizens think that the Chief Justice has to be removed, they must go into the Constitution to find out that a petition has to be sent to the President and the process starts. I wonder if those making noise about the C.J and giving her ultimatum to resign do not know this. If they do, why are they not doing the right thing? If they have done so and the President has ignored them, why would they not simply notice that the leadership of their party does not share their views and it was time they gave up on that venture? Could it not be clearly presumed that at least one petition was sent to the President on this matter? Did we not hear the President say he was not a cat chaser -- meaning he was not interested in asking the C.J. to resign?

If some NDC stalwarts like the National Chairman and others continue to make remarks that suggest that they do not like the President's position, would that not mean that they are frustrated by the inaction of the executive on the matter? I know that Mr. Sam Pee Yalley, for instance has taken the C.J. to CHRAJ. All of that is to achieve the same end of getting the C.J. out. It means many in the ruling class are very convinced that the C.J. must go. Out of the same frustration, others are issuing statements and ultimatum, which are distasteful. If you give an ultimatum to someone to act in a particular way or shall be forced to act through another way, could it not be construed as threat by some people, and especially by the judiciary, which is not very friendly with the current leadership of the country? Could opponents of the current leadership not exploit such activities against the NDC when already, the chairman of the party had said something similar; a leading member of the party had taken the C.J. to CHRAJ; and judges were killed during the regime of the PNDC? WHY CAN'T SOME PEOPLE LEARN and reason properly? I am equally surprised that people like Chairman BAFO would not notice this and canvass for the right thing to be done.

Whatever it is, I take it that many who are affiliated with the ruling NDC are just frustrated that the leadership of the country is unable to remove the C.J. through legitimate lawful means. But I want to tell them that that legitimate lawful method does exist and is very CLEAR AND SIMPLE. I guess the political leadership think there is no basis for it and we must respect that and move on. Else, it seems stupid to me that people who applaud the current leadership as the best in Ghana so far, would be so seriously frustrated about the action or inaction of the govt on an important subject as this.

My position is a principled one on this matter.


[This is an authentic posting from BISHOP Dela (Registered User)]
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