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Kokorokoooo - Osibisa

2003-03-01 18:19:09

"Amanfuo eee...Kokorokoo..the call of togetherness you call it hide ansd seek or cock We call it Kokorokoo......... This is the game we played when we were young so try to be young once again.... Kofi anante anante akyini aman so amanie mahunu..obiara nhunu bi ee..... Kofi Nti na eka se se opoosini bo w'asom a na wade baako amo no....."

This was one of the first hits of the Osibisa,released in 1972 with the original members like: Teddy Osei ? Ghana, Mac Tontoh ? Ghana, Sol Amarfio ? Ghana, Wendell Richardson ? Antigua, Robert Bailey ? Trinidad, Spartacus R ? Greneda and Laughty Amao ? Nigeria.

I hope you guys are now ?chilling? with real good memories!!!!

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