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2003-03-01 16:02:11

Under the heading: "NDC NEVER DID THIS DURING MY TIME AT ADISADEL" ADISCO wrote among others:

"THE Government has released ?27 billion for disbursement to all public senior secondary schools in the country to absorb part of the fees which would have been paid by parents. The amount is a part-payment of the ?81 billion commitment government made to help parents meet the school fees increases for the current academic year".

What he forgot however was that the release of all these money is possible due to the establishment of the GES Education Fund which was established by the NDC govt and which every single MP of the NPP voted against when the Bill was being passed. I want to repeat that EVERY SINGLE NPP MP VOTED AGAINST THE FUND. Now, they can pay moneys from it and somebody would post it here as an achievement.

Adisco, no such thing was done when you were in Adisadel because no such Fund existed at that time but you have to know that other things were done at that time which the NPP has also not done. Since I have not read any posting on SIL which was generated by your own thinking and analysis, I think you'll be helping yourself a great deal if you post more meaningful issues that would really support what you intend to put across.

Its not over until its over.

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